Ohio Animal Cruelty Law Enforcement Manual Now Available

April 5, 2019

Animal cruelty has been a crime in Ohio for more than 140 years. Yet the subject remains misunderstood by many courts, prosecutors, attorneys, the press, and even law enforcement officers.

The purpose of this manual is to remove some of the mystery and confusion by providing clear explanations, simple standards, and an easy reference for humane agents and other law enforcement officers involved in the investigation and prosecution of animal cruelty, neglect, and abandonment. For more information, click here.

Ohio Federated Humane Societies is now Ohio Animal Welfare Federation

December 12, 2018

We are excited to announce that Ohio Federated Humane Societies is now doing business as the Ohio Animal Welfare Federation (Ohio Fed). 

Our new name reflects recent changes to our Code of Regulations that make us a more inclusive organization. Now not only humane societies, but also municipal/county animal control agencies, 501(c)3 animal welfare organizations and rescues are welcome to join Ohio Fed as full, voting Organizational Members. We hope you will consider joining us as we enter this new, exciting era for Ohio Fed. 

Together, we are stronger. Together, we can accomplish great things for the animal welfare community and companion animals in need in our state. With your help, Ohio Fed can: 

  • Prevent cruelty to animals by coordinating and enlarging the efforts of the animal care and welfare movement in Ohio;   
  • Provide training and resources to assist animal care and welfare organizations in delivering services in the most efficient, effective ways; 
  • Share information with the administrative and legislative branches of government and other stakeholders about the humane treatment of animals and their value to humans; and 
  • Encourage cooperative, supportive, and collaborative relationships among humane societies, animal control facilities, and other animal welfare organizations. 

Individually, our organizations work to improve the lives of companion animals in Ohio. Just think what we can accomplish together. Won’t you join us? 


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