September 2023

It's getting darker earlier, we are enjoying somewhat cooler temperatures (this week, anyway!) and this means Fall is just around the corner.

We have a lot to report in this issue, so let's get right to it! Keep up the amazing work you are doing on behalf of the animals in your community, and please reach out if we can be of assistance. Remember that you have a whole network of Ohio Fed members across the state who can help.


Ohio Fed supports the Federal Greyhound Protection Act and FIGHT Act.

Greyhound Protection Act

The Greyhound Protection Act (H.R. 3894) that was re-introduced during this session of Congress might be added as an amendment to the Farm Bill as early as September. The expectation is that it will be a close vote in the House Agriculture Committee.

As a supporter of this this humane legislation, Ohio Fed recently sent a letter to the office of Representative Shontel Brown representing Ohio's 11th District to ask that she consider being a cosponsor and voting in favor of the Greyhound Protection Act amendment in the House Agriculture Committee. 

We believe that Representative Brown’s cosponsorship and support would be very meaningful to voters who care about animals and believe they shouldn’t be exploited or harmed in the name of human entertainment and gambling.


We also recently signed a letter of support for the FIGHT (Fighting Inhumane Gambling and High-Risk Animal Trafficking) Act, which would enhance enforcement opportunities under current dogfighting and cockfighting law. Specifically the FIGHT Act will: 

  • ban simulcasting and gambling on animal fights in the United States, no matter where the broadcast signals for dogfights or the cockfights originate;  
  • halt the shipment of mature roosters (chickens only) shipped through the U.S. mail; 
  • create a citizen suit provision to allow private right of action against illegal animal fighters and ease the resource burden on federal agencies; and 
  • enhance forfeiture provisions to include real property used in the commission of an animal fighting crime.

Member Benefit: If members would like to receive legislative updates as they happen, please email and ask to be added to the list for advocacy alerts.



We recently made it a little easier for Ohio Fed members to connect with one another - locally or statewide - when you need assistance or support. Check out the new Member Resource Directory!

To use the directory, simply log in to our websitehover over the Resources tab and click "Resource Directory." From there, you can enter a simple search term in the "search" field, such as county or shelter/organization name, to return basic results. Or, click "Advanced Search" to search on any number of fields such as ability to investigate animal abuse, ability to facilitate transfers or hours of operation, or to connect with other members by type (humane society, dog warden, 501(c)3 rescue and others). Ask your membership administrator to make sure your information is complete and up to date!

Member Benefit: The directory was designed for use only by Ohio Fed members.


You may have seen the nationwide data on intakes and outcomes, but what's going on in Ohio? To help answer that question, we are pleased to announce the launch of a new coalition for Ohio Fed members through Shelter Animals Count (SAC).

The Ohio Fed SAC coalition is designed to foster collaboration and provide data tracking and reporting among our members at a statewide level. Participating in the coalition will help us gain a better understanding of what's going on in Ohio and compare it to what SAC reports nationally. 

All Ohio Fed organizational members will soon receive an invitation to join the Ohio Fed Coalition. Simply accept the invitation, enter the community service and intake/outcome data you wish to share, and you're in! The data you enter will never be shared individually, but rather viewed/reported collectively with data from other Ohio Fed members.

We plan to use the data we obtain through the coalition to provide a snapshot of Ohio in each issue of our Quarterly e-News. The data could also be used to support our advocacy work or respond to requests for information.

Watch for the invitation in your inbox, and please participate!


63 organizations from Ohio have submitted some 2023 data to SAC for a total of:

  • 40,000 community intakes (no transfers included)
  • 38,000 community live outcomes (live outcomes that are not transfers)
  • 4,500 non-live outcomes

Comparing year-over-year, we have a sample of 37 organizations (have to have reported Jan-Jul data for 2021, 2022, 2023). Private shelters are the primary reporting shelter type (46%). 

  • Ohio currently has a Population Balance (PBC) of 90%, meaning that 10% of animals entering organizations have yet to have an outcome and populations are increasing. This PBC is similar to what has been experience in previous years (2021 = 90%, 2022=89%). However, this is a lower PBC than we are seeing nationally (94%).
  • Adoption rates are slightly lower than the last 2 years for Ohio organizations (69% in 2023 vs. 71% in 2022 and 70% in 2021).
  • Euthanasia rates are increasing from 4% in 2021 to 6% in 2023. 

The information contained herein was derived from data supplied by Shelter Animals Count. Shelter Animals Count specifically disclaims all responsibility for any analysis, interpretations, conclusions and opinions contained in or derived from the information presented.

Want to learn more and talk about what you are experiencing in your community? Join us for the second installment of Collective Thinking: The Ohio Fed Member Forum on September 7 when we will informally discuss the issue of population imbalance.


  • Microchip discount - ask your PetPoint rep for details!
  • Help with conference fees - Ohio Fed is offering to cover up to $250 of the registration fee to a (non-Ohio Fed) conference of your choice. We will select ONE person to support PER conference, until our scholarship budget is depleted for the year. 
  • Job board - have an opening? Place a listing on the Ohio Fed job board and reach candidates not only in Ohio but nationwide.



The following shelters and organizations joined Ohio Fed during the third quarter of 2023: 

  • Barely Used Pets Rescue 
  • Citizens for Humane Action 
  • Lake County Dog Shelter 
  • Scioto County Humane Society 

Click here for a list of all organizational members. Still not a member and want to join? Click here.


  • Columbus Humane recently celebrated the grand opening of the Columbus Humane Essential Care Center. The brand-new Essential Care Center on the Southside of Columbus features low-cost veterinary care, a pet food pantry, and veterinary workforce development. The new center is unlike any other facility in the country and will help meet the needs of the more than 106,000 pets living below the poverty line in Franklin County. Read more about this first-of-its-kind facility here

  • The Humane Society of the Ohio Valley recently welcomed Amy Rogers as their new shelter director. Amy leads their team including fundraising, rescue, transport, daily shelter operations and public relations. Congratulations, Amy! 
  • Cincinnati Animal CARE has officially closed its Canine Distemper Virus (CDV) quarantine facility after all dogs have received two negative tests for the virus and a positive test showing antibodies against the infection. This facility was opened in the spring to house infected dogs who were still shedding the virus; as of today, all dogs housed there have been medically cleared for adoption and foster. 

    Cincinnati Animal CARE worked closely with Dr. Cynda Crawford of the University of Florida, who specializes in CDV inside municipal shelters. At its peak, CDV affected 39% of their shelter population, with 75% of those infected with CDV being saved. In total, 482 tests were administered between April and August. 

  • Congratulations to the 34 people who completed EBI Certification in July. Thank you for trusting us to provide you with this training.

    • Congratulations to these 14 people who completed our Humane Society Agent Training in July:

    Adam Burgan, Ashtabula County APL/City of Ashtabula 

    Matalyn Colson, Hamilton County Dog Warden

    Matthew Cornett, Hamilton County Dog Warden

    Sidney Ford, Fayette Regional Humane Society

    Spencer Hartsock, Columbus Humane

    Joanne Hurley, Humane Association of Warren County - Ohio

    Brittany Lally, Columbus Humane

    Ashley Maldonado, Animal Charity

    Charles Merritt, Jefferson County Humane Society

    Logan Pennington, Hamilton County Dog Warden

    D’alan Seyer, Ohio SPCA & Humane Society

    Caitlin Shuman, Miami County Animal Shelter

    Heather Stevens, Scioto Area Humane Society/Scioto Co. Commissioners

    Shelby Weissgerber, Humane Society of Greene County 

    Do you have news to share? Click here to submit your news for the next issue.


    September 7, 2023 - Collective Thinking: The Ohio Fed Member Forum (forum topic: Population Imbalance) Members only, please

    September 22, 2023 - Evidence Collection in Animal Abuse Investigations (webinar)

    November 2, 9, 16 & 30, 2023 - EBI Certification (online & in-person)

    November 13-17, 2023 - Humane Society Agent Training (online & in-person)


    Other upcoming programs (details and registration coming soon):

    October - A Review of the Board of Pharmacy Rules for Animals Shelters

    Member Benefit: Ohio Fed members receive discounted registration fees on all of our educational programs.


    We are thrilled to announce that Petco Love recently renewed their sponsorship of our webinar program!


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