4-Part Animal Behavior Series with Kelley Bollen

  • 24 Nov 2020
  • 15 Dec 2020
  • Zoom

4-Part Animal Behavior Series 

with Kelley Bollen, MS, CABC

Nov. 24, Dec. 1, Dec. 8 & Dec. 15

Noon - 1:30 p.m. on Zoom



Our latest survey said . . . you want more enrichment and behavior sessions! We heard you, and developed this 4-session workshop designed for all levels of shelter staff. Over the course of four weeks, Kelley Bollen, MS, CABC, will dive deeper into understanding and improving animal behavior while helping shelters to improve outcomes. Each Zoom session is 90 minutes.


November 24: Reading Dog and Cat Body Language and Safe Humane Handling (Including "Dangerous" Dogs)

Dogs and cats speak with their bodies and they always “tell” us how they are feeling with this language. Anyone who works with them should be able to read cat and dog body language in order to assess their emotional state. This information will ensure that the animal is properly and safely handled to reduce fear and stress.

This presentation includes a discussion of how to read dog and cat body language and how to safely and humanely handle the shelter animals.

December 1: Stress Recognition and Reduction for Shelter Dogs and Cats

Everyone knows that the shelter environment can be a very stressful place for the animals. Stress reduction is the most important aspect of a behavior wellness program in the shelter. Animals that are stressed are at risk for reduced welfare. In addition to the psychological ramifications, stressed animals are more likely to get sick in the shelter environment.

This presentation discusses why the shelter is a stressful place, how to recognize signs of stress in dogs and cats, and what measures should be taken to reduce stress in the shelter animals during their stay.

December 8: Enrichment for Shelter Animals

Enrichment involves providing an interesting, challenging, stimulating, and variable environment that encourages the animals to think, learn, explore, engage, and be well – mentally and physically. When animals are housed in unnaturally restricted environments (like zoos, laboratories, and shelters) their physical and behavioral welfare is a serious concern. Shelters should place a priority on enrichment programs that reduce stress and promote the physical and psychological wellbeing of their animals. Keeping the animals behaviorally, as well as physically, healthy is the humane thing to do.

This presentation includes a discussion on how to implement an enrichment program in a shelter and provides suggestions for procedures to ensure that the animals are provided with both mental and physical stimulation during their stay.

December 15: How Animals Learn and Training in the Shelter

Understanding how animals learn is the first step to being able to train them. This presentation discusses the ways in which animals learn and how best to communicate and train them.

There are many simple training procedures that can be carried out in the shelter environment that improve adoption potential and success. Training is also a form of enrichment as it provides both mental and social stimulation. 

* Each topic has been pre-approved for 1.5 hrs. Certified Animal Welfare Administrator continuing education credits by The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement.

REGISTRATION FEE (includes all four programs)

You will be automatically enrolled in ALL 4 sessions (individual session registration is not available). A unique code and password will later be emailed individually for each session. The links may not be shared - thank you for respecting the speaker's livelihood.

  • $40 per person for staff and volunteers of Ohio Fed member organizations
  • $55 per person for non-members

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