Bills We Are Watching

The Ohio Animal Welfare Federation is closely monitoring movement on the following bills pertaining to animal welfare in the State of Ohio:

HB 24 Revise humane society law (Hambley) - Click here for hearing dates and testimony

HB 33 Establish animal abuse reporting requirements (Lanese/Carruthers) - Click here to read Ohio Fed's written proponent testimony.

HB 37 Revise law about nuisance, dangerous, viscous dogs (Antani/Holmes)

HB 67 Grant vet education credits for free spay and neuter services (Brinkman/Kelly)

HB 124 Allow small livestock on residential property (Brinkman)

HB 146 Require the Attorney General to establish an animal abuser registry (Brinkman)

View status updates on these Bills on the Ohio Legislature website.

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