Bills We Are Watching

The Ohio Animal Welfare Federation is closely monitoring movement on the following bills pertaining to animal welfare in the State of Ohio:

HB 24 Revise humane society law (Hambley/Kick) 

HB 33 Establish animal abuse reporting requirements (Lanese/Carruthers) - Click here to read Ohio Fed's written proponent testimony.

HB 37 Revise law about nuisance, dangerous, viscous dogs (Antani/Holmes)

HB 350 Re-enact animal fighting and bestiality laws (Hoops)

SB 167 Prohibit putting down domestic animals by use of gas chamber (Yuko)

SB 205 Increase penalty-cruelty to or killing of companion animal (Hottinger/O'Brien)

View status updates on these Bills on the Ohio Legislature website.

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